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Destination Wedding Specialist
t. (604) 689-5571

I’m not just a booking agent . . .  
I have established a close relationship with on-site wedding coordinators to assist you
every step of the way and make sure everything goes as planned and you have
a stress-free wedding.

Group and Personal Travel Specialist  
t. (604) 689-5571

Are you traveling on your own? With family? Special Trip? Honeymoon?
Have you considered Time, Location, Insurance, Special Arrangements?
Everything needs to be carefully arranged to ensure nothing is missing
from departure day.

Luxury Travel Specialist
t. (604) 689-5571

Providing the most exclusive luxury accomodations around the world for you.
Refined and sophisticaded environments for those who travel in style.  

Transportation Services Coordinator
t. (604) 689-5571

Customers value experience and service.
Edna thrives in ensuring all goes exactly as plan.
 Covering all angles to provide top quality transportations services. 

Travel Clerk Supervisor
t. (604) 689-5571

Need to know more about The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program?
Call today to find out more.

SAWP Travel Coordinator
t. (604) 689-5571

Learn everything about The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program


Business Development Manager
t. (604) 689-5571

Your inside connection to the world of traveling.
Let Arturo introduce you to Mi Tierra Holidays
and it's unlimited travel worlds.


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