Small Luxury Hotels of the World



Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

An unrivalled selection of some of the world’s finest small independent hotels. Comprising over 520 hotels in more than 80 countries, the diversity of the individual hotels and the experiences that they offer are exceptional.

The Champions of Small

What’s so special about small? In a world where everything’s getting bigger, bolder (and blander) we seek out the little gems that offer genuine, one-of-a-kind experiences.

It could be head-over-heels luxury at a palatial mansion, or barefoot bliss on a desert island. You could crave the bright lights of the big city, or long for star-lit nights at a remote resort. Bring us your wish list and our hotels will tick all the boxes.

Every one of our 520 small, independent hotels has one thing in common: excellence. We’ve carefully selected each one to celebrate their individuality, quirks and character, but also make sure they are of a consistently high standard. We don’t settle for ‘so so’. And we’re only satisfied if you are.
Trips away are precious, so we only accept hotels we’ve tried, trust and know that you’ll love. Before they’re admitted, our development team visit each one, checking them against a long list of ‘must haves’. When we find a jewel, we share it with you.
1989. When we first started seeking out incredible destinations, the Berlin Wall was still standing. Since then, we’ve seen everything from ubër-cool caves to trend-setting tree houses. There’s nothing we haven’t seen, so we know what separates the extraordinary from the simply extravagant.
With luxury hotels in over 80 countries, the only difficult thing about booking with us is choosing where to stay. That’s why our team of experts are on hand 24/7 to answer questions, make suggestions and inspire you.

What’s more, if you join The Club of SLH (it’s free!), you’ll be first in line for little extras – available to a select few – from benefits when you book to upgrades at check-in.

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