Planning Your Next Getaway? Consider a Tour.

Our partnership with Tourism Cares, established by the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), helps us not only show off the world’s most spectacular destinations and sights, but also assist in the preservation of attractions that our travelers go to great lengths to experience.

  • Inclusive vacation. Everyone loves extras – until they’re charged extra. Globus travelers can expect to enjoy more visits, more experiences, and more sightseeing in the price of the vacation.
  • Pre-selected hotels in the heart of the destination. A hotel can have the crispest sheets and the tastiest pillow mints, but if it’s not near the sights, what good is it? Globus secures all of this and more in the heart of each destination.
  • No transportation worries. On a tour, transportation – via train, plane, boat, or motorcoach – is taken care of from point A to B and every step in-between.
  • Tour Director. There’s scenery – and then there’s the scene. No one is more immersed in local culture than Globus Tour Directors. These experts bring destinations to life with firsthand, in-depth knowledge of their cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

Globus is committed to sustainable travel and minimizing its impact on the environment and to reducing its dependence on non-renewable resources. In this endeavor, we have implemented policies to support this sustainable travel mission and are working carefully to enhance our products with this mission and our values combined.

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